Here we have a couple of classics from Marv Newland and International Rocketship.  The all time favorite BAMBI MEETS GODZILLA & LUPO THE BUTCHER in both 16mm and 35mm formats.  These films are brand new from the lab using the original elements to strike new negatives.  Bambi is the simple short that started it all for Marv.  Lupo is a "R" rated cartoon with plenty of blood and "adult" language and runs for about 3 minutes.
Prices are as follows:
16mm Bambi Meets Godzilla $44.50 each
35mm Bambi Meets Godzilla special order please send email
16mm Lupo The Butcher $90.00
35mm Lupo The Butcher special order please send email
Public performance rights are available for a one time fee that is good for the life of the film, no matter how many times the film is shown at your theater(s)

Below is a poor quality sample of the cartoon.  The quality of our film is MUCH better than this YouTube clip.  AND our film does not have the water mark in the lower right corner.

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